The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Well, DC and my life are finally back to normal, although it will probably take me longer to recover than it will take the District.

I really don’t feel like recapping the rest of the experience, but I will say I spoke too soon when I said things were shaping up to be alright. Long story short, our printer lost power and had to transfer the job to a sister printer in the area. Also, we lost our network for awhile. These are never good things when you’re working on a very tight deadline.

But, we prevailed and got things done. Then we went drinking and it looked like the night was going to be lame. Everyone was exhausted and drained and just so ready to go home. Drinking was bringing out the depressant quality of the liquor and it seemed like we’d be calling it a night early. Then we went to another bar.

It certainly picked up there. I ended up showing off my dance moves to my coworkers. My boss got hit on multiple times. We started to think that perhaps the bar might also be a drug trafficking site. We decided to leave.

The night did not end there. For the sake of intriguing ambiguity, I will just say that the rest of the evening included a CVS, a transient man, a police officer with a motorcycle, a hotel security card, an unexpected carride, and a later night than expected.

Wow, that actually makes the experience seem more interesting than it was. The bottom line? I woke up to that becoming-entirely-too-familiar-feeling of feeling physically and mentally depleted.

Thursday is supposed to just be a “going home” day, but sadly for my bosses, it was a scramble to figure out what happened to the paper since it was not delivered when it was supposed to be. Yikes. Things got worked out, but it just solidified the fact we all needed to get the hell home.

I took the train out from Union station and was proud of myself for being so savy the whole week. And then as I made my way to the door to get into the building, I realized that as I was walking confidently, cockily from the cab, I had completly forgotten my suitcase by the curb. Fortunately I was only 500 feet away from it and no one thought it looked too suspicious to call the security there, but it definitely made me realize a savvy, well, anything, I am not.

The train was delayed and I was surrounded by weirdos, including a woman who incessantly talked and hummed to herself (I totally stared her down and she moved), a dude who literally had sideburns growing off his ears (I thought they were sideburns until I realized the guy, who was pretty young, had cropped hair and was clean-shaven), and an old dude who had a TON of white, thick hair growing ON his nose (he was NOT with ear/sideburns guy…).

I seriously almost kissed the pavement at 30th St. station, but I refrained. I was already feeling nauseous and didn’t need anything else to promote that.

D and I got stuck in rush hour/Phillies traffic on the way home, but once we made it over the bridge we were OK. I was hardcore craving sushi so we went to “our place” (they have soy sauce holders that look like the Daleks from Dr. Who. omgDonnieLOVESthatIknowDr.Whostuffnow) and then we stopped at Barnes and Noble to use a drink coupon D had for a free frappacino. D was a good hubs and bought me a red velvet cupcake (AWESOME) and the::coughcoughDr. Who magazinecoughcough:: they had for sale.

We headed home and I enjoyed my reunion with the buns (Em jumped from the cage and galloped over to me. Joe tentatively stood nearby and sort of let me pet him). D had bought some bananas, so I was able to win them both over completely with that.

Since then, I have been happily sitting on the couch, enjoying the final Thursday night lineup until the fall.

But now, it’s time for bed.

So… goodnight.

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  1. ha, i am so happy that she is now a Dr. Who fan…i have the past few seasons on Netflix streaming along with some “classic” episodes as back up. I am ever so proud to be her hubby.

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