the poetry among us.

People go back and forth about the value of social networking sites. Sometimes I do, too.

Facebook has been a blessing and a curse. It’s brought people back into my life who would have probably just ended up memories stashed away in photo boxes and yearbooks. It’s allowed me to change opinions of people I never liked in school whose friend requests I accepted on a whim. It’s been a wonderful way to transfer information to people and to communicate and to learn and to share a laugh with someone thousands of miles away. I do not feel disconnected from our friends and family in Texas, Louisiana, California, and abroad because I can check in with them every day.

A lot of those same things can be drawbacks sometimes. Sometimes there is definitely an “information overload” when you are constantly inundated with people’s personal lives or information. Sometimes I feel like I need to strike a fine balance of how much of myself I “put out there,” because I’m afraid of the audience reading (younger family members, people I barely know, co-workers). I’ve been involved with a few posting “arguments,” which is weird and have sometimes been taken too seriously because sometimes there’s no way to properly convey tone in a status update (and sometimes I’m just an asshole).

Today especially has been one of those days that makes me happy for facebook. I enjoy seeing the ripple effect of information positively passing through the channels. It’s cool to post something about my upcoming college reunion and see all the happy, funny, silly responses and know why that place left such an impression on me (and others). Also, I just really enjoy reading some of the funny/interesting/thoughtful things people have to say (this isn’t always the case and there are definitely some people who’ve been “hidden” for their constant talk about baby poop and vomit or Fox News doublespeak).

Today I’ve been especially impressed with some of the really beautiful one-liners I’ve read. I’ve commented more than once that these should be lines to poems.

I think that is definitely a major upside to FB: it allows people to be creative and expressive and poetic with people in a way that pretty much every other medium does not allow. It’s conversational, however, you still are able to take the time to express yourself in a way you might not be able to in the flesh. But it’s definitely more spontaneous than art or acting or even just writing a poem. It’s a way to be brilliant and really connect with someone in a new hybrid way.

So, in honor of this, I’m stealing them for today and posting them here, along with a couple other really funny things I’ve seen on FB recently. Maybe their authors will use them again someday, maybe they won’t. Maybe I’ll steal them and put them into something I write. But, if for nothing else but the sake of posterity, may they have a moment in the limelight now, in the little corner of the internet:

And I never got to see the cherry blossoms, so I have unfinished business there.

No one is an adult. We’re all just teenagers buried under scar tissue.

XX came home from target with tampons, mint milanos, and cat toys. “no, I don’t want a bag. I want to hold all that out in front of me and watch the men run away.”

XX is brewing a batch of future this week. Tasty.

Anyone else seen/read any really great FB one-liners?