the recovery continues.

I was talking to my boss today, exchanging our weekend plans, and both of us said pretty much the same thing: recovering.

I am still not 100% after DC. It was 5 loooooooong days of insanity, 12-hour work days, and then after, drinking. I slept most of last weekend and have been stumbling through this week. Although I was pretty busy/productive all week at work, most nights were spent on the couch, playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Wii (Donnie uses the Wii for Netflix; I use it for the video games… or should I say game?). All week I have been fantasizing about the long weekend and all the relaxing/doing nothing/fun activities it will hold.

Although I do enjoy a good laze now and again, it’s beginning to get a bit frustrating. Here were are, finally experiencing beautiful weather, perfect for Philly wandering, walks around the Waterfront, and our other favorite outdoor activities, but all I can seem to do is sit on the couch, watching random documentaries or playing Mario. I’m hoping the next few days will help… a coworker and I are talking about checking out the yoga studio that’s literally the next street over from our office. Their class schedule fits well with my current work schedule and considering everyone and their mother has recommended yoga to me as a stress/insomnia buster, I think it’s worth a shot. I’m also intrigued because they offer “hot yoga,” where I hear you totally sweat your ass off. I’ve already lost about 10-11 pounds (which no one can even tell…this is awesome when I’ve gained, sucky when I’ve lost, haha), but my goal is to drop about 5 more. Methinks “hot yoga” might be a good way to achieve that.

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about being a bit lazy the past week. Considering how insane the past 2 months have been and how busy it looks like June is shaping up to be, I should enjoy the downtime while I can.

And of course, this weekend won’t be totally without fun/plans.
Here’s what’s up for this weekend:

-USA/Turkey pre-World Cup game at the Linc. We might not have been able to make it to S. Africa this time around, but at least we get to see the U.S. team off before their big debut!

-Perhaps a trip to Columbus Market. Tim & Jill and I are trying to get up there on Sunday to enjoy the market and pick up some much-needed cheap toiletries and cleaning supplies.

I was hoping a BBQ might crop up at some point, but it doesn’t seem like any friends are planning anything. My parents are having something on Sunday, but I don’t want to battle shore traffic to get down there. A friend from college is having something at her mom’s house, and I’d like to go, but I also don’t know if I’ll know anyone else at all, but I might try to stop by there if I can…

Other than that, the weekend is pretty open. D works on Monday, so I’m on my own for entertainment. I started making a “to do” list for things to get done around the apartment, but we’ll see if that gives way to the desire to do something. I picked up the ingredients for red velvet cupcakes, so that might be on the list, and along the way, I found a few other recipes that I’d like to try out…

I’ll guess we’ll see how productive/busy I am based on how many entries I write between now and next week.

So, if I don’t write, Happy Memorial Day, friends! May all your memorials be…reverent?

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  1. Oh god. I sweat enough as it is in regular yoga. I think hot yoga sounds like hell. I’d pass out in about 5 seconds if there was extra heat involved.

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