things making this Friday awesome

  1. Woobs got up early with me to make me a delicious breakfast sandwich and walk me to the train
  2. Co-worker brought in bagels this morning (2nd breakfast? I feel like a hobbit! And aside from likening Houston to Mordor, this is the only time you’ll hear me making a LOTR’s reference)
  3. Free massages at work! Apparently this is a regular thing??
  4. Silk City date tonight with Q & Matt to talk about the wedding!
  5. John Legend’s “Green Light.” This song has been my Friday jam for awhile and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.
  6. Co-worker posted the mix from last week’s Christmas party on the server. Now that I’ve listen to that one John Legend song about 20 times, it’s time to move on to more pump-you-up tunes!

What are some things getting YOU through the workday??