Too Much to Dream Last Night

I’m exhausted and am going to bed like, now, but I just wanted to write real quick so 2 days didn’t pass without anything in my blog.

There have certainly been some interesting moments in the past few days, and maybe I’ll flesh them out at some later point, but here’s the general gist of the randomness that’s happened in the past 4-5 days:

1. Thursday- caught up with an old friend for several hours. Had a great time learning about the other’s life and laughing over old times. We were enjoying a buzz at the bar in the downstairs of my building when Larry from Jacksonville decided to make our night more interesting. He came over to let me know that I had the best legs in the bar (note: I think I was the only one who was wearing a skirt, therefore making my legs the only ones visible), although he stared at Rachael the whole time he was laying on the compliments. Larry showered us with additional compliments throughout the night and a couple rounds of beer. This made the night even more memorable, but Friday morning was very painful.

2. D and I made our way to Ocean City to celebrate the beautiful weather and one of the first real opportunities to roam the boards (sans shoobies!). It was nice, albeit a bit chillier than we anticipated, and a lot of time was spent running from one sunny spot to the next. Tim was kind enough to let us crash at his parents’ condo/apt. and after the day on the boardwalk, we enjoyed just sitting in watching cable (it’s the little things…) and laughing at the “leftovers” that Tim’s brother was keeping in the fridge…

like a perfectly constructed crime scene...

Your guess is as good as mine

3. While walking the boardwalk, we stumbled upon a store that had set up a pretty significant vinyl section. I got excited when I saw an electric prunes album and picked it up to show Donnie. This sparked a lively conversation with the sales guy who helped start up the vinyl portion of the store and was definitely a hardcore vinyl/music/garage rock fan. My knowledge (awareness/mild interest) in this one band sent him in full on hardcore geek/music/vinyl snob mode, but also led him to believe I could hang and would be extremely impressed with various items in their collection. Between his enthusiasm, strange comments, overwhelming personality, and really loud indoor voice, I started to get a little freaked out. I made the mistake of telling him how much I love Bowie and soon he was throwing every rare (i.e., expensive) record of his they had my way. I think he meant well, and in a way I was really intrigued/amused (based on our random record shop perusals and the one “serious” vinyl show/exchange we attended, this dude is the industry standard), but he was also inciting a level of anxiety in me reserved for the very intense or extreme. He invited us to come out to one of the shows he was putting on at the local strip club and damn if I’m not half tempted… what can I say? I’m a sucker for a good story/interesting experience…

4. Today was busy at work and my tiredness from the end of last week/weekend spilled into my Monday. I started off all wrong today: tired, late, unprepared in every way. I ate cupcakes for breakfast and did my make up in the office. I resolved that I need to break these habits (again). I really need to get healthy (again). I went to the gym tonight and made our lunches/snacks/breakfast for tomorrow. I washed and did my hair tonight to buy me some extra time tomorrow. Instead of setting super lofty goals I’m just trying to keep this u p for a week. Then we’ll go from there. I just don’t want to end up on one of those shows where they have to forklift me out of my house.

So that’s about it. I’m really looking forward to slipping into bed and staying there for at least 7 1/2 hours… if only it were longer.