Well, hello there.

Hello, world.

After blogging away on my MySpace page for the past 5 years and slowly seeing the readership dwindle, I thought it was time to take my act to the streets. This is my general blog, fit for my general thoughts. I’ve learned that when it comes to my writing I’m an attention whore and unless I have an audience, it’s not worth it for me to type it up. I enjoy feedback; I enjoy creating a dialogue with friends and strangers. Most of all, I enjoy knowing that maybe someone out there relates to what I’m saying or is at least mildly amused by it.

The title of this blog might lead one to believe that this will be somehow related to Star Wars fandom. It’s not. I honestly don’t know why I named it that, aside from the fact that it is true (and it was the only thing I thought of that wasn’t taken).

So no, I am not a jedi. I do not even play one on TV. This is not going to be a blog filled with my sci-fi musings or any tales of anything all that heroic. Not really. It will mainly be me talking. To you. And to whoever else is listening. Lightsabers and cloaks are optional. Long braided ponytails are definitely forbidden.

May the force and George Lucas be with you.