wham, bam…

I love how I come back from vacation and life has taken back over, full fucking force.

We got home late on Monday, got in, settled, greeted our beloved buns, and then sifted through our mail (SO MUCH) and other home things before passing out. Early Tuesday a.m., it was life as normal: nonstop all day–from taking D to work (he had parked his car at my parents’ while we were away), to getting myself to work, to sludging through my work stuffs, to taking care of Hoppy Hour stuff on my lunchbreak. Then right after work, I had to pick D back up and drive to Hammonton for birthday dinner for my mom.

I was pretty fucking tense in the car. Before D got in, I had had a continuous sing-a-long with Damien Rice’s “I Remember” (specifically his screamo portion of the vocals). Once D got in the car, I proceeded to vent to him about everything that drove me crazy in the last 15 hours. He was very good about listening to me and letting me get it all out without much interruption (aside from agreeing/consoling). Fortunately, dinner with the family was nice and everyone was well behaved…

Work has been a bit slow these past couple days, but that is due to change, like, tomorrow. I have been confirmed to cover a conference in DC the 2nd week in May (which overlaps my college’s reunion weekend) and there’s a lot of work that needs to be prepped for this before then. Already my blog skillz have come in handy since I’ll actually be using WordPress for this event/project (thank you, Kate Amann), so I’m happy that at least I’ll sort of know what I’m doing my first time on the road for this job. Beyond that, our department literally has 5 major events/projects taking place in the same month, many which fall on the same days… Yikes.

I’m also in the final throes of Hoppy Hour planning and will be leaving work in seconds to get home, get the stuff I need for that and head to an organizational meeting. Between now and sometime next week I also need to make a program for the event, stuff bags, and get a list together of all the online ticket buyers. I’m super excited though: we’ve had more steady ticket sales in the past couple of days and a TON more stuff came in for the prizes while I was away (most of which I was not expecting…).

I’m also trying to make sure I stay on top of college reunion chair duties, which aren’t terribly consuming, but still require my attention.  I hate to say this, but I’m not really looking forward to this venture anymore: May is shaping up to be SUCH a crazy month that I just don’t know how much fun it’ll be to head down there when I know that I’m going to have to bounce right over to DC immediately after sleeping in a dorm for 2 days. Plus, a lot of my friends can’t make it and that puts a damper on things, too. The one plus is D has agreed to come out, so hopefully he’ll begin to understand why WAC had such a hold on me and fellow WACers… either that, or he might divorce me.

Alright, I need to head out. Hopefully someday I can actually write about our vacation, or at least post photos… fingers crossed, dear friends… Fingers crossed.

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