YOLO, mutha truckas.

Hello Friends of the Internet!

I realize that I’ve been doing so much stuff in connection to the blog that I’ve actually been neglecting to WRITE in the blog. D’oh.

Apologies for the cliché, but I really hit the ground running in 2013. As I’ve noted earlier, I feel that, although good things did happen in that time, the past 2 years have been a bit stagnant for me and it was time to start really getting my shit together. My friends are half-amused, half baffled by my only-sort-of joking adoption of the now-passé adage of YOLO (or “You Only Live Once” for those of you not into silly Internet slang). But I appreciate the sentiment, and instead of using it to create silly internet memes or drink to excess, I’m using it as a light-hearted reminder that life is indeed short and there’s a lot of shit I still want to get done before my time is over.

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To that end, I have been trying to actively work on all of the projects that I’ve sort of been putting effort into/mainly been talking about how I was going to put effort into them. I’ve been writing furiously and trying to submit my stuff to various publications and contests.

I’ve been organizing my life and trying to prioritize better. I’m listening to a shit ton of new music (a lot of which I try to share on here–hopefully you’ve found something from that you enjoy) and attending as many wonderful events and gatherings as humanly possible. I’ve been trying to reach out to new and old friends and appreciate the experiences and lessons they can show and teach me.

This year will also be about travel. We have a little getaway planned next week and another shaping up for March. This summer will hopefully bring another trip to mark a big milestone: my 30th birthday!

And of course there’s big plans for the blog. The Blog! I’m so stoked about the new logo (thanks, VanBlarcom for lending your awesome skillz! Friends–if you’re looking for something to keep you dancing while you work, check out his mixes here). Beyond the new look (and more updates on that to come!), I have a lot of awesome content coming–interviews with cruelty-free companies and some guest bloggers! And some giveaways?!).

And there’s always personal betterment goals to keep in mind–mind, body, spirit stuff that sounds really good in January, but that I want to follow through with all year and really, forever. Because what’s the point of freeing your mind and finding your peace if you’re going to abandon that journey halfway through living it? And truth is, there really is no “end” to that, well, except for the obvious one… so, yeah. Big goals. Big dreams. But why not, right? ‘Cause YOLO, mofos!!

How’s your year been shaping up? What are your dreams/goals for 2013? What’s your favorite hashtag inspiration?