You don’t complete my VHS collection

Sometime in the late winter/early spring, D and I went to Tunes in Marlton and stumbled upon an impressive collection of Jerry Maguire VHS in their used tape section. I brought Donnie over to laugh about it when he informed me about a website whose mission is to collect all these random, unwanted Jerrys, along with other strange VHS fodder. I thought it was funny and interesting and then I completely forgot all about it.

Fast forward about a month ago. I posted a blog featuring a ridiculous video D found and posted on my FB page. I thought it was pretty hilarious and thought the site it came from was pretty hilarious, too. So Donnie informs me they’re taking their internet show on the road and will be stopping in Philly. He asks me if I’d want to go. Would I? Would I? (hair lip! hair lip!! …I don’t think I’ll ever not think about that joke when saying/hearing the phrase “would I?”)

So anyway, we went on Saturday. And, as promised, everything was terrible. In a pretty wonderful way. The “movie” was essentially splices of bizarre and awkward clips from weird Christian kids’ shows, strange instructional videos, movie clips, and one extraterrestrial porn. I would have liked it if they actually showed more of each of the original sources (sans the alien porn), but then again, just in my evening quest of researching the things I remember, I can now see why it might be difficult/painful to just show full-length clips of each.

it's not the best quality photo, but it still convey the sheer "wtf" of Saturday night...

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, but like most, it went entirely too fast. On Friday, D and I enjoyed a night out at Silk City, my official new favorite place in Philly and then headed down to Old City to make our usual rounds: Brave New Worlds and Repo Records. D got some comics and I got the new Tunng album (D also got me tickets to see them for my birfday. w00t). Then we headed back home to watch Hot Tub Time Machine (eh) before passing out.

Before burning our corneas/brains with the montage of VHS snippets at the I-House on Saturday, D and I took care of the many chores we had been neglecting in the apartment.

Sunday, D worked allll day (7-7, poor guy) and I worked a meet-n-greet for the rescue. Heather dropped in with the boys and Russ to foster a bunny (who apparently has already taken their last name… me wonders if this might become a more permanent arrangement?), which was a cool and exciting thing! After that, I came home, blended some chickpeas and edamame, slathered it on some sliced Italian rolls, sprinkled cheese, garlic, and Tony’s and made a pretty tasty pseudo meal for myself. Of course I saved some for D and served it up with some not-as-healthy mac n’cheese, but we are resorting to cheap eats ’til payday comes.

I have a lot of back-blogging to do, although I will no longer make promises about doing it, especially not this week. Life is coming at my in all sorts of directions and I’m trying to keep up. Hopefully I will finish my blog about Boston, since it’s already 2/3rd done (I can’t imagine how long it would take it we went longer than 3 days!), and maybe I’ll write about my birthday, but maybe not. If I don’t get to it, just know it was a lovely time.

Until next time…